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Services offered are based on a person's preference.  Person-centered planning creates a supportive environment where residents can grow as individuals and be connected to the community in which they live.


Integrity began providing services in June of 2000 in order to provide residents a new choice of support under self-directed services (SDS).  It is the philosophy of Integrity to emphasize smaller supported living and employment settings despite budget cuts.  Integrity continues to provide services that are tailored to each individual.

At Integrity we welcome and value families, guardians, friends, and other human service agencies to be an active part of an individual's life.  This team approach offers a system of checks and balances that helps ensure an individuals' quality of life.

Integrity Residential Services

Here at Integrity, we are dedicated to the consumer and all their different needs.

We've been around for over 17 years and have grown to be one of the largest agencies in Dane County. But, our most important win is making sure our consumers live happy, fulfilled lives.


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